Mark 16: 17-18 
And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; 
they shall speak with new tongues;They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, 
it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.


Glory Reign Ministries:

If you desire to see break through at your event and the glory of the Lord come in like a flood, then I highly recommend Taquetta Baker & Kingdom Shifters Ministry.  I have personally worked with Taquetta at several events and have seen that the anointing upon her life & ministry is powerful, her heart and motives are pure and her focus is fully on ushering in Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.  Her ministry releases Christ’s freedom and deliverance to people and shifts them out of the kingdom of darkness into His glorious light!  I encourage you to invite Kingdom Shifters to minister at your next event. You and your event will truly be blessed!  In Him, Mignon Murrell

Women at the Well:

In March 2010, Shekinah Expressions, under the leadership of Taquetta Baker, ministered mightily for the Women at the Well Conference in Louisville, KY.  They ministered in prophetic revelation/impartation to numerous women in ministry seeking a spiritual revival. More than being powerful in liturgical dance, they operate and flow freely in apostolic authority to shift atmospheres and declare healing and deliverance in this service and in general.At the conclusion of the 2010 Women at the Well Conference, I was involved in a serious car accident. Those who came to my rescue attested to the miraculous way in which my truck was upheld by what seemed like an “invisible hand” keeping me from certain death. I know without a doubt that my life was spared that day in part because of the prayers that Taquetta Baker and the members of Shekinah Expressions prayed for me at the conclusion of the conference. As a preacher of the Gospel, I have deep appreciation and admiration for their ministry; as their friend, I have an eternal love and gratitude for their commitment to Christ and sensitivity to the Holy Ghost.  Rev. Angela B. Smith-Peeples, Canaan Christian Church, Louisville, KY

Beauty For Ashes Ministries:

Ironically, to the day I met Taquetta, even though she is not very old in age, she looked much younger than I assumed.  As we sat at dinner and dialoged, her wisdom drew me in.  Within myself I said, “this baby is no joke.”  It was obvious she was very serious about her walk with the Lord.  As she shared, I knew Taquetta possessed warmth, compassion, sternness when necessary, but even more importantly, she radiated JESUS.  I immediately asked her to come and minister to our singles ministry in Decatur, IL.  Taquetta agreed and not only was the young ladies lives changed and transformed, men attended the event and were shifted, elevated and transformed as well.  There was also a life changing deposit made in the region of Decatur and in me personally as Taquetta spoke things that would shortly come to pass in my life and is still unfolding.  There are even times when I will text or email Taquetta for prayer and without even speaking to her in person or via phone, she  willingly goes into intercession for me.  I immediately feel the transformation of her prayers as she shifts me out of my current situation, into healing, deliverance, and the revealing power and answers of Jesus.  I am excited about all God is doing in Taquetta’s life and ministry and highly recommend her and Kingdom Shifters as it is a life changing experience and will shift you out of storms and earthquakes, into the kingdom dimension of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.   Mrs. Anita Jarrett, Decatur, IL

Restoration Worship Center:

I had the pleasure of first being introduced to Taquetta Baker and Shekinah Expression ministry at my church Anniversary October 2010.  I have a love for liturgical dance, and their ministry seemed to exceed any I had previously experienced.  Taquetta freely flows in the gift of the prophetic and is a highly anointed woman of God. Taquetta returned to minister during our Women’s Retreat and we experienced yet another area of her ministry (deliverance ministry).  Taquetta and her dance troop ministered to the ladies corporately as well as individually.  You could feel the chains broken as some were freed from bondages of deep - rooted hurts and others refreshed and inspired to draw closer to the Father through free and uninhibited worship and dance.  I personally look forward to continued fellowship with Taquetta and company in the very near future.   Go forth Mighty Woman/Women of God. Executive Pastor, Sheila Black