If you believe you are a Kingdom Shifter and would like to know more about becoming a part of our Kingdom Shifters Network, please email us at KSMepowermentNetwork@gmail.com.  KSM is mantled for bringing healing and identity to Kingdom Shifters, while equipping them to live in sustaining destiny.  

A Kingdom Shifter Is: 

  • Focused on living through the heart, character, nature, and identity of God
  • Pursuers of destiny, while resistant to the mundane 
  • Grounded in their relationship with the Lord 
  • Driven by obedience, pleasing the Lord, being in alignment with him, and in pursuit of his purpose for living
  • Carriers of God's glory, purpose, will, and kingdom 
  • Full of the Holy Spirit
  • Friends with the Holy Spirit
  • Deliverers
  • Healers
  • Miracle Workers
  • Prayer Warriors
  • Intercessors
  • Demon Busters
  • Fierce and fearless in demolishing darkness 
  • Students and lovers of God and his word
  • Supernatural
  • Love through the provision and power of God
  • Unique, distinct, and peculiar in looks, presentation, and personality 
  • Stands out, set apart - rarely fits into the norms of groups 
  • Leaders by nature but can follow for the good of the cause
  • Uncompromising concerning the morals, standards and values of God
  • Relentless in seeing the kingdom at hand and seeing it advance in the earth
  • Rebellious against idolatry, religion, and tradition
  • Bold Faith
  • Confident in conquering life challenges
  • Curse Breakers
  • Kingdom Heirs of their family line - ordained to put demons & strongholds out the generational line
  • World Changers
  • Impact and transform, people, regions, and atmospheres
  • Kingdom fruit bearers - do not just talk kingdom; they are kingdom and produce the kingdom of God
  • Miracles, signs & wonders follow them 

​Kingdom Shifters Arise!

KSM Has A Godly Mandate To Raise Up

Kingdom Shifters In The Earth!

Usually a Kingdom Shifter: 

  • Has or is searching throughout life and their sphere trying to find themselves
  • Is where they need to be in life but is challenged because they have no concept they are a Shifter 
  • Has or is seeking to fit in but continuously stand out
  • Has or is striving to find their niche and purpose
  • Has or is experiencing constant rejection and ostracism in trying to find themselves
  • Has or is resorting to be what others desire or groomed them to be but dread it
  • Has or is rebelling against what others want them to be but dread their own rebellious acts
  • Find that people are challenged by them and inquisitive of them whether they love them or hate them
  • Stands out in the family and combats with the strongholds, familiar spirits, traditions and customs of the family
  • Is not trying to combat religious, traditional, cultural, social, or family customs but who they are tend to automatically defy them 
  • Is a Shifter anywhere, whether in alignment with God or out of the will of God - whether doing good or bad things  



What Is A Kingdom Shifter?
A Kingdom Shifter is a radical generational heir whose very identity provokes, stirs, shifts, influences, and transforms, people, lives, regions, and atmospheres.  This definition is not based on salvation as a Shifter may not even be saved, or have a defined understanding that he or she is a Kingdom Shifter.