As one who was sick for ten years and wondered why I could not break free, eventually I became convinced that prayer alone was not enough to set me free. I was praying against demons of infirmity, disease, and death, focused on emotional wellness, eating healthier, and exercising, but nothing was really changing my health status.  It was not until I added Doterra essential oils to my regimen and started asking God what oils to use, that I begin to see breakthrough.  I stopped solely relying on doctors to heal me and medications that only made me sicker.   I stopped blaming everything on the devil and even on myself as my greatest disadvantage was ignorance.  I was ignorant to recognizing that God had provided greater health measures in the earth to heal me and keep me healed; and I was ignorant into thinking the health care system wanted to and could heal me.  I was also ignorant to knowing that there is so many things being put in our food, products, and airwaves that has a demonic agenda but is manmade.  It cannot be prayed away!  I myself had to take action in not putting it in my body, while using methods to counteract those things I had no control over.

2018, was the best year I have had health wise in ten years.  I went from being sick four and five days a week to having challenges now and again.  I am still working on complete healing but I am not acting like it is God’s responsibility alone to heal me.   He has put healing in my words, my hands, and the land just for me.  I decree the body of Christ will also come out of this mindset where we make some changes regarding our health.  Faith is great.  I believe I have the gift of unwavering faith.  But we must become healers in every way in the earth, especially since the world’s health system can not fully make us well and do not have the answers for our wellness.  We are dying and acting like it is God’s will.  And it is not that we do not have faith or power, we do not have strategy, and we are not using our God giving resources to get well.

Start by purchasing a family kit where you can access to all the oils and can explore their effectiveness in healing your family. 

People always ask me if my body hurt from dancing for hours and I tell them “NOPE!” My secret is deep blue rub. I rub it on before and after I dance and it protects and restores my joints and muscles.  My entire team uses this and is quick to be like, “you got some deep blue rub.”  This is like prayer in a tube. All praisers, praise dance ministers, Jeremiah fire church runners, preachers with heavy schedules, people that work out, folks who want to work out but do not want to be in pain, folks with arthritis, joint, and muscle pain should purchase this rub. 


My heart as a consultant is to help the body of Christ and people as a whole to take charge of their health such that we not only become healers through the preached word, through prayer, through laying on of hands, through counseling, but also by providing medicines for the body.  I believe Doterra essential oils are the medicines we need to bring complete healing to our lives.  Please contact me if you are interested in starting your journey of taking total control of your God given right to be healed and whole.  Decreeing a SHIFT to your breakthrough right now!

Welcome to my Kingdom Wellness Essential Oils Page.  I am here to assist you with hearing from God concerning the essential oils that will make you and your family whole.  Click the link below to learn & purchase essential oils.  SHIFT!

The Lifelong Vitality Vitamins are the best on the market.  They provide nutrients, healing, and strength to every area of the body.  Also  supplies energy without waning  throughout the day or keeping you up at night.