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Taquetta is the founder of Kingdom Shifters Ministries, Kingdom Shifters Christian Empowerment Center, Kingdom Shifters Network, and Kingdom Wellness Counseling and Mentoring Program.  Taquetta has a doctorage degree in Ministry, a Master’s Degree in Community Counseling with an emphasis on Marriage, Children, and Families.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration.  Taquetta has authored 25 books and two prayer CDs.  These tools have been used to shift people and atmospheres into deeper dimensions of kingdom liberty as it relates to the arts, prayer, five fold ministry, one's calling and destiny, and maintaining kingdom victory.   Taquetta is a licensed minister and ordained apostle (June 7, 2014) that flows through the wells of deliverance, healing, warfare, and worship; she mantles an apostolic mandate of judging and establishing God's kingdom in people, ministries, communities, and regions. 

Taquetta is a kingdom strategist skilled in breaking people through to wholeness and SHIFTING them into their destinies. She has over 20 years of ministry, professional and Christian counseling, coaching, vision casting, and mentoring experience, and is sufficient at bringing healing to extreme cases of abuse, trauma, and mental illness.  Before founding her own ministry, Taquetta faithfully served in a local ministry for 12 years.  Taquetta is also gifted at empowering and assisting people with launching ministries, businesses and books and provides mentoring, counseling and vision casting through Kingdom Shifters Kingdom Wellness Program.

​She has pioneered works related to fine arts, all manner of prayer, deliverance, healing, revival, and fivefold ministry.  Taquetta travels in foreign missions and throughout the United States.  She is a scout in the body of Christ who exposes demonic realms, while revealing keys and strategies that overthrow darkness and instills the kingdom of heaven in the earth.

Taquetta receives mentoring and ministry covering from Bishop Jackie Green, Founder of JGM-Enternational Prayerlife Institute of Redlands, California,  

Taquetta’s name means “child of love” which is proven in her ability to love the most difficult and interact with others through what God sees in them.  Growing up in a household of brothers, she freely admits to being a fighter and believes God was showing her even at a young age how to be a warrior.  As a poet and the author of many powerful spiritual declarations, her poetry and declarations have been the source of great healing, prophetic answers and uplifting inspiration for many.  There are countless testimonies as to how those blessings have brought strength and encouragement in times of great adversity. In addition, God uses Taquetta to interpret and train people in deciphering their dreams and visions.  

Taquetta is wholeheartedly committed to seeing miracles, signs, and wonders manifest at any given moment and God has worked miracles in her life and through the works of her hands.  Taquetta dedicates herself through prayer and fasting and living a pure life.  Her leading pastimes are traveling, shopping, surfing the web, reading, and eating good food.


Strategic Consultations

Taquetta is available for deliverance or inner healing sessions, and 30 to 80 minute consultations for those who desire guidance or strategies in areas of their choice. Click the link for your strategic consultation of wellness and destiny breakthrough.