Upcoming KSM Events!

Use the link below to pay for any Kingdom Shifters Events.  Review the flyer to register and pay for non-Kingdom Shifter Events.

Kingdom Shifters Ministry Events

Register at www.jgmenternational.org

Be Thou Made Whole Women's Fellowship

KSM hosts a women's fellowship once a month on Ball State Campus and once a month in the community.  The women's fellowship is for women ages 16 & up.  The fellowship tackles difficult women's issues, while empowering women to wholeness through creative Christian fellowship.  View our Be Thou Made  Whole Women's Fellowship Webpage for more information regarding this ministry. 

Contact Bethoumadewhole@gmail.com for service locations, dates & times or connect with Be Thou Made Whole Women's Fellowship on Facebook.


Welcome To Our Ministry Events 

Ministering Abroad

Kingdom Shifters will be ministering at the following events: 

  • Soar Prophetic Kingdom Ministries, "Dancer's Boot Camp," March 9th-10th, 2018, Chicago, Illinois - More Info at Kingdomshifters@gmail.com
  • ​The International Council of Ambassadors, "Disruption Summit 2018," April 12th-15th, 2018, Miami, Florida Disruptionsummithq.com
  • JGM Enternational Prayerlife Institute "WatchDog Conference" June 8th-10th, 2018 Pheonix, Arizona  JGMenternational.org

Manifold Grace Production Company

Manifold Grace Production Company - Email Manifoldgrace5@gmail.com to schedule them for ministry events.  Also visit Manifold Grace Production Company's Webpage for more information regarding the ministry, training intensives, & services or connect with Manifold Grace Production Company on Facebook. ​​

Kingdom Shifters Christian Empowerment Center (KSCEC)

KSCEC Sunday services vary as we are more of an apostolic hub than a traditional church.  

Contact Kingdomshifters@gmail.com for service dates, locations, and information.  Also connect with Kingdom Shifters Ministries on Facebook.   

Contact Kingdomshifters@gmail.com to invite KSM to a ministry event.

Holy Ghost Agenda Services

Holy Ghost Agenda is a service designed to pursue God for deliverance, healing & miracles, while activating those that attend in living a lifestyle of flowing in consistent deliverance, healing & miracles.

Holy Ghost Agenda Services occur every fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm.

Contact Kingdomshifters.com for service location or connect with Kingdom Shifters Ministries on Facebook